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Enrollment & Marketing

In the fast-paced, competitive world of online education, the success of a program often relies on a seamless student enrollment experience. Magellan’s suite of services, from strategic marketing to a responsive online student call center, ensures this journey is not just efficient but exceptional. In the current landscape, a flawless enrollment process is crucial; any misstep risks losing prospective students to other options. Magellan is dedicated to crafting a compelling and streamlined experience, prioritizing every interaction from the initial inquiry to enrollment. With us, your program doesn’t just adapt; it excels, securing the allegiance of students before their first class even begins.

Conduct Marketing Strategy Assessment

Our team will evaluate the effectiveness of your institution’s current marketing and enrollment strategies. We will craft an assessment of our findings, develop a comprehensive marketing plan that includes lead generation from multiple channels, and implement a follow-up campaign for lead-to-enrollment conversion.

Perform Enrollment Audit

Magellan will conduct market research to identify the target audience and their preferences. Then, we can analyze the competition and determine a unique selling proposition that differentiates our institution from others. In addition, we should establish clear enrollment goals and develop metrics to measure the success of the marketing campaign.

Execute Go-To-Market Strategy

We will utilize the results from the assessment and audit to develop a strategy for growing enrollments in the online learning market. We will recommend and produce cost-effective marketing strategies, including lead generation, communications, and ongoing enrollment management to reach our enrollment goals.

Perform Organic Marketing Audit

Our team will conduct a systematic and data-driven audit of the digital presence, content strategy, and engagement tactics. We will evaluate website design, keyword utilization, SEO performance, content quality, social media presence, email marketing, search engine presence, analytics, brand consistency, and competitive analysis to ensure that our digital presence is optimized to meet your goals. Additionally, we will ensure regulatory compliance throughout the audit process.

Implement Marketing and Lead Generation Campaigns

Magellan excels in crafting impactful marketing strategies for institutions through strategic planning, content creation, and targeted promotion. Our goal is to efficiently connect institutions with prospective students, ensuring cost-effectiveness and maximum conversions. At the core of our success is the “speed to lead” concept, employing a proven landing page strategy to boost submissions. Our responsive call center ensures a representative initiates a call within 90 seconds, accelerating successful conversions. This approach optimizes institutions’ digital presence, creating new avenues for engaging potential students in the competitive online education landscape.

Develop Microsites and Landing Pages

Our team will develop customized microsites based on a proven model to enhance your online presence. We will implement enhanced tracking tools and fully integrate data flow to measure the success of your marketing efforts. Additionally, we will ensure a seamless presentation of your brand in the market through the microsites.

Lead to Application Process

Magellan will develop a custom 15-touch communication strategy over 45 days, including phone calls, email, and SMS. We will tailor communications to guide online student leads through the enrollment funnel and create a separate email nurturing campaign for applicants. Lastly, we will define goals, segment the audience, develop persona-based content, and create a drip campaign.

Online Student Call Center - Inbound and Outbound Calls

Magellan’s online student call center will act as a force multiplier for your institution. Our agents will administer your inbound and outbound calls, manage inquiries from initial interest to the application phase, and provide responsive and informative communication throughout the student journey. Our team will be an extension of your institution, provide excellent student service, and mirror your university’s spirit and culture.

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