Cognitive Load and the Whole-Person Learner

“Humans have a limited capacity to think actively about many things at once. A particular challenge in learning design is thus helping students to limit the number of tasks or problems they are tackling at once, so that they are able to process and retain more of what they learn.

Cognitive Load Theory has given us clear ideas about ways that we might adjust our pedagogy around the limits of human memory. But its application beyond formal classroom spaces has thus far been quite limited. This paper invites readers to consider ways that Cognitive Load Theory might inform the whole of the student experience.”

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Cognitive load has been a major topic of conversation among psychologists and educators for the past few decades. Thanks to research in this area, we now have the capacity to design activities and curriculum in a way that helps students to use their mental space effectively for learning new material. But this concept goes beyond what’s happening in the learning space alone and touches all aspects of a student’s educational experience.

Join the Magellan partners and guest, Dr. Pat Neely, Executive Vice President for Online & Distance Education from Bluefield University, as they discuss cognitive load.

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