What we do


A common and often essential path forward for any number of projects that clients have Magellan take on is to conduct a comprehensive assessment of a particular area of their academic operations, or more commonly, of all aspects of the venture.

Course & Programs

Magellan offers a full spectrum of services in the area of program and course development. We can help you design and develop new programs and courses, but we can also help evaluate and redevelop existing programs and courses that you may already be offering.

The Magellan Network

Often institutions need assistance in securing executive leadership, experienced online faculty, subject matter experts, veteran online support staff, enrollment and advising personnel, IT solutions agents, and a myriad of other nuanced positions essential to online success


Who We Are

Dating back to the early 2000’s, the Magellan Team has been entrenched in all aspects of online academic operations and course content development. In early 2017, Magellan Learning Solutions was created in hopes of taking those experiences and enthusiasm for online education to a whole new client base. Our mission is a mix of both practical and ambitious goals. 

The mission of Magellan Learning Solutions is to develop and strengthen our client institutions’ online academic offerings, the systems that support such programs, and to expand their impact, presence, and viability in the marketplace.

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