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Supporting our clients’ educational missions with tailored curricular and operational solutions to help them thrive.

What we do


Comprehensive assessments of all or part of an academic operation can provide very helpful insights to pave the path forward for our clients.

Learning Design

Magellan offers a full spectrum of services in academic program and course development. We design and develop new programs and courses, as well as evaluate and redevelop existing programs and courses.

The Magellan Network

We help institutions secure executive leadership, experienced online faculty, subject matter experts, veteran online support staff, enrollment and advising personnel, IT solutions agents, and a myriad of other nuanced positions essential to online success

Talking About Leadership: How the Words We Use Shape Our Workplace

As Peter Senge succinctly puts it, “Systems cause their own behaviors,” so it makes sense to look within higher education itself for an answer to the question of why leaders so often find themselves unable to accomplish their goals—and at least one answer lies in our use of language.

Why, What For, Where, and How--or, Leadership 101

Why do we do what we do? What motivates us? For most of us, life consists of a series of algorithmic and heuristic tasks. As we identify and name the reasons for why we behave as we do, we empower ourselves to make strategic changes based on whether our actions and desires align with our chosen core values and beliefs.

A Conversation About How a Great Vendor-Institutional Partnership Can Look

Wytheville Community College⁠ has a thriving dual enrollment program that serves the needs of many students in southwest Virginia. When WCC lost its dual enrollment partner at the eleventh hour, Dean Susan Evans had to act fast. Through a partnership with Magellan, WCC was able to reinvigorate its dual enrollment program—and the partnership continues to this day. The Magellan partners are grateful to be able to welcome Dean Evans for a conversation about how a great vendor-institutional partnership can look.


Who We Are

The Magellan Team has been entrenched in all aspects of online academic operations and course content development for over 20 years. In early 2017, Magellan Learning Solutions was created in hopes of taking those experiences and enthusiasm for online education to a whole new client base. Our mission is a mix of both practical and ambitious goals.

The mission of Magellan Learning Solutions is to develop and strengthen our client’s online academic offerings; the systems that support such programs’ and expand their impact, presence, and viability in the marketplace.

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